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Trial Experience

Vascular: Interventional Treatment related trials
Stents, Coils, TAVI, TAVR, EPD, Flow Diverter, Mechanical Thrombectomy Devices, Implants, iv contrast, graft materials 

 Cerebral/Cardio/Peripheral-Vascular Disease

 Oncology Criteria: irRECIST, RECIST 1.1,
Cheson, Lugano, RANO, Choi (etc.)

Neuroscience: Extensive experience in Alzheimer’s D. trials: Alzheimer’s vaccines: Passive and active immunotherapy targeting Aβ in the brain, including monitoring safety aspects,Vasogenic Edema (ARIA-E / ARIA-H)
Other CNS: Stroke, MS, Glio Blastoma, Vascular interventions

 Musculoskeletal / Spine / OsteoArthritis, Knee ACL, cartilage, (inter)vertebrae, bone disease, Haemophilia

Biotech/Bio-Device: e.g. Orthopaedic / Spinal implants

CIMT and various ultrasound imaging for clinical trials

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Criteria: Sharp/vd Heijde score / DCE-MRI

Body Composition studies: Fat / Bone density
Others: HIV, Gaucher’s Disease, Skin Cancer, Paranasal Sinus Disease

Contrast Agent studies, e.g. Microbubbles

In general:
Smaller and larger phase 2 / 3 trials
for Pharmaceutical Medicine

Medical Device trials,
some very exploratory !

Sites and Investigators located in EU,
USA, M-East and Asia